Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1: Project Eden Returns to Haiti!

Project Eden has returned to Port-au-Prince, Haiti! On Monday, July 18 - Thursday, July 21, Project Eden will host its 3rd Annual Business Development Conference at Le Plaza Hotel in downtown Port-au-Prince. The marketplace is our platform and we believe that by training local business owners in basic business concepts, we are helping the people of Haiti grow business entities, strenghten market sectors, and create more jobs.

During this year's four-day conference, our participants will come from all walks of business life, from all parts of Haiti. They are vendors, cyber cafe owners, coffee growers, chicken farmers, and construction workers. Yet, what they all have in common is a desire to learn strategies on how to make their businesses run more efficiently and produce more revenue. And we at Project Eden are more than happy to help them!

This year's PE agenda includes workshops on: Bookkeeping, Sales, Pricing and Microlending. We will also hold sector-specific breakout sessions for our coffee growers and chicken farmers.

We are excited to be in Haiti once again. Please check back each day for updates!

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