Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 2: Building a Good Foundation

On Day 2, PE's business conferenced opened and our participants arrive excited to get down to business. But first things being first, PE lays the foundation for "great success" in the marketplace: Vision

Pastor Ray Thomas, a seasoned businessman, taught participants the importance of having God's vision for your life and business. Pastor Ray encouraged participants to pursue God's purpose for their lives and know that He will provide every resource and advantage for them. Knowing that your success is already assured by God enables you to step forward with confidence.

Next, PE helps attendees began to master a concept that is challenging for busines owners everywhere: good stewardship.

"Record-keeping" is foreign concept in Haiti. Many business owners only focus on the amount of cash they have on hand and therefore are unable to adequately track their success. PE facilator Betty Evans, a licensed CPA from Chicago, taught our attendees the basics of accounting and shed light on the practical benefits of keeping adequate and up-to-date records. Although initially skeptical, participants began to see how keeping track of what "going in-and-out" will position them to make better decisions regarding their finances. Participants also caught on to the concept fairly quickly. As one observer remarked, "They are understanding this faster than we thought because they've never been taught that this is hard."

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