Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday: Be All You Can Dream (Day 1)

“Laperez pa gen plas li nan sal la” is Kreyol for “Fear is not allowed in this room.” That’s the statement every participant had to agree to when they walked into the Be All You Can Dream session with Melzie Robinson and his team, Lee Warner, Betty Evans and Yolanda Thomas. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of daring to believe they could be successful, have held many Haitians back from realizing their full potential. Project Eden understands that true community rebirth cannot fully be realized until people know who they are in Christ and the abundant life they can have as a result of that divine relationship. So Melzie began his session by feeding participants the Word of God. As a result, 12 people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior.

With the spiritual foundation laid, Melzie taught on the advantages of entrepreneurship and the keys to becoming a successful business owner. Lee presented a seminar on Financial Literacy and taught the importance of keeping good records, including balance sheets and income statements. The session was engaging and participants experienced a great outpouring of revelation and understanding from God on practical steps they can take right now as they travel the road to great success.

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