Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wednesday: Be All You Can Dream (Day 2)

On Day 2, the Team led participants in the interactive portion of Be All You Can Dream, a business simulation in which attendees create a retail complex. The participants voted to their space the Carrefour Community Complex. (Carrefour is a town just outside of Port-au-Prince. Next, attendees break out into groups, with each group creating its own business and competing for retail space. Some of the business ideas they developed include a clothing store, a computor store and repair shop, a candy store, a bakery, an internet cafe, a soda bottling company, a construction supply company, a grocery store, a recycling company, and an Italian restaurant.

Each space in the mall was priced according to location, with spaces in the front going for double the price of those in the back.

The exercise included submitting their business ideas to a board of directors (comprised of the Team leaders) for approval and paying the bank for their location in the mall and the building materials. One team even asked for a receipt! That team received extra points for their attention to detail and commitment to keeping accurate financial records.

Finally, participants wrote and starred in commercials promoting their businesses, which were taped by the PE Media Team.

Participants' ideas reflected the needs of their communities and demonstrated the depth of their creativity. Everyone was very engaged in the process and reported that what they learned was very valuable.

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