Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tuesday: PE Workshop Registration (Day 1)

Nearly 200 people attended Tuesday’s trainings which ran simultaneously at our host location, Le Plaza Hotel: Be All You Can Dream (BAYCD), One-on-One Business Consulting, and Construction Training: Theory and Practice.

Participants arrived early and were lined up all the way out the door far in advance of 8:00 a.m. registration. There's no doubt about it, Haitians are punctual people! PE members Charity Nelson, Betty Evans, Yolanda Thomas, Ray Williams, LaMeisha Taylor, and LaDawn Burnett greeted and assisted our guests, who found their attempts to speak Kreyol and French amusing, yet sincere. Clearly our participants aren’t the only ones learning something new!

Due to capacity limitations, we verified attendance by checking government-issued IDs. The classes are in such demand that once participants go home and tell their friends about what they've learned, everyone wants to come! We hope to expand our capacity to train more people in the coming years.

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